Mixed Billing

Chelsea Beach Medical Centre is a mixed billing practice. This means some patients will incur out-of-pocket fees (gap), whilst some are bulk-billed (no gap).

Our fees are set at or below the recommended rates as published by the Australian Medical Association (AMA). 

Patients should be aware that individual doctors may bill at different rates and charges will vary depending on the length of time you spend with the doctor and the complexity of your medical condition.

Our reception staff will confirm if any out-of-pocket fees are applicable when making your appointment, based on your personal circumstances and services required. 


Who are bulk-billed?

You can qualify as a bulk-billed patient if you meet any of the criteria listed below. Proof of entitlement will be requested at your first appointment.

  • Children - Patients under the age of 18 years old

  • Students - Patients that hold a current student card

  • Seniors - Patients over 65 years old

  • Pensioners - Patients who hold a current pension or health care card

  • DVA Gold Card Holders


Who pays out-of-pocket fees?

Any patient who does not meet any of the Bulk-Billing criteria above will be charged out-of-pocket fees for their consultation.

International visitors will need to pay full fees.


Bulk-Billed Weekend Appointments

Weekend bulk-billed appointments will incur a $10 out-of-pocket fee.

New Patient - Initial Consultation

For new patients, our practice policy is to book you into a Long Consultation slot as the doctor needs adequate time to discuss your medical history, in addition to dealing with the reason for the current visit.

As this is our practice policy, the out-of-pocket fees (if applicable) for a Initial Consultation (long) remains the same as a Standard Consultation.

Medicare Rebate

A Medicare Rebate is available on most services provided and this will reduce your out-of-pocket costs for the consultation. This out-of-pocket cost is commonly referred to as the 'Gap'.

International visitors or patients who do not have a Medicare card, will not be able to claim the Medicare Rebate. However, international visitors may be able to claim something back from their travel insurance or health fund. Please check with your respective agencies.

Some services do not have a Medicare Rebate and full fees are payable. Our staff will endeavour to advise you if the service you require falls into this category.

Payment Methods

Any fees incurred must be paid on the day of the consultation.

Accepted payment methods are cash, EFTPOS, Mastercard, VISA and AMEX.


For patients with a bank account registered with Medicare, we can submit an electronic claim on your behalf. The Medicare Benefit amount will then be repaid into your nominated bank account usually by the next business day. 

For more information, please call Medicare on 132 011 or ask at reception for a copy of the Medicare Bank Account Details Collection form.

This form is also available on the Department of Human Services website via this link: https://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/forms/ms013

Why is there a gap?

The Government’s indexation of Medicare rebates has not kept pace with the rising cost of practice. On average, AWE and CPI increase by 3.3% per year to cover the rising costs of practice. Medicare rebates only increase by 2.1% per year.

The difference is a decrease in the value of your rebate. Making your rebate worth less every year.

This image below from the AMA illustrates how the 'gap' has widened over the last 30 years.